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RunnaRiz Review South Africa: 70% Monthly Ponzi

Runnariz Review

If you lost a lot of money on Ant Ranch South Africa MLM then you may have been considering trying your luck with RunnaRiz. Unfortunately we must inform you that RunnaRiz is a high risk ponzi, that may even crash earlier than Ant Ranch. If you already know this, then let us go into details. This article on RunnaRiz review will explain all about RunnaRiz, investment on RunnaRiz, profit, risk factors and all.

RunnaRiz Review 2023: Unmasking the 70% Monthly ROI Scheme

Have you recently come across the RunnaRiz platform that promises you sky-high returns? Before jumping into the world of South African rand investments, let’s unpack what this platform is truly about.

What is RunnaRiz?

RunnaRiz is an online investment platform that’s catching attention, particularly among South Africans. But why?

Runnariz in South Africans.

The platform’s use of the South African rand suggests its marketing is primarily aimed at South African residents. But who’s truly behind it?

Runnariz Ownership and Domain Details

Hidden executive information

Interestingly, RunnaRiz keeps its executive and ownership details well guarded, offering no clues on its website.

Domain registration insights

Digging deeper, we find that RunnaRiz’s domain, (“runnariz.com”), was privately registered on October 14th, 2023.

Runnariz Target Audience

Main focus on South Africans

The South African rand currency use hints at the platform’s main target group.

Unknown management origin

Though marketed to South Africans, it remains unclear whether South Africans are the brains behind RunnaRiz.

Product Range

An alarming find: RunnaRiz has absolutely no retailable products or services. Affiliates market only the RunnaRiz membership.

Compensation Plan Breakdown

Here lies the main attraction: the promise of a 70% monthly ROI. From investments as low as R500 to as high as R50,000, returns are staggered across months, maxing out at six months.

  • invest R500 and receive R850 over month 1, R1403 over month 2, R2314 over month 3, R3818 over month 4, R6300 over month 5 and R10,395 over month 6
  • invest R1000 and receive R1700 over month 1, R2805 over month 2, R4628 over month 3, R7637 over month 4, R12,600 over month 5 and R20,791 over month 6
  • invest R2000 and receive R3400 over month 1, R5610 over month 2, R9257 over month 3, R15,273 over month 4, R25,201 over month 5 and R41,581 over month 6
  • invest R3000 and receive R5100 over month 1, R8415 over month 2, R13,885 over month 3, R22,910 over month 4, R37,801 over month 5 and R62,372 over month 6
  • invest R4000 and receive R6800 over month 1, R11,220 over month 2, R18,513 over month 3, R30,547 over month 4, R50,402 over month 5 and R83,163 over month 6
  • invest R5000 and receive R8500 over month 1, R14,025 over month 2, R23,141 over month 3, R38,183 over month 4, R63,002 over month 5 and R103,953 over month 6
  • invest R10,000 and receive R17,000 over month 1, R28,050 over month 2, R46,283 over month 3, R76,366 over month 4, R126,004 over month 5 and R207,907 over month 6
  • invest R15,000 and receive R25,500 over month 1, R42,075 over month 2, R69,424 over month 3, R114,549 over month 4, R189,006 over month 5 and R311,860 over month 6
  • invest R20,000 and receive R34,000 over month 1, R56,100 over month 2, R92,565 over month 3, R152,732 over month 4, R252,008 over month 5 and R415,814 over month 6
  • invest R30,000 and receive R51,000 over month 1, R84,150 over month 2, R138,848 over month 3, R229,098 over month 4, R378,012 over month 5 and R623,720 over month 6
  • invest R40,000 and receive R68,000 over month 1, R112,200 over month 2, R185,130 over month 3, R305,465 over month 4, R504,016 over month 5 and R831,627 over month 6
  • invest R50,000 and receive R85,000 over month 1, R140,250 over month 2, R231,831 over month 3, R381,831 over month 4, R630,021 over month 5 and R1,039,539 over month 6

Re-investment is required after 6 months to continue earning.

Referral Earnings

RunnaRiz doesn’t stop at ROI; they also offer referral commissions, spanning three recruitment levels with varying percentage benefits.

RunnaRiz pays referral commissions on invested rand down three levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited) – 15%
  • level 2 – 10%
  • level 3 – 5%

RunnaRiz Membership Details

The basic affiliate membership is free. However, to enjoy the lucrative ROI, a minimum investment of R500 is essential.

The Tether (USDT) Connection

Alongside the South African rand, RunnaRiz also welcomes investments in USDT, expanding its cryptocurrency base.


When a platform lacks transparency, red flags are raised. RunnaRiz’s absence of genuine revenue sources, coupled with its high ROI, hints at a possible Ponzi nature.

Key Takeaway

Always be wary of platforms that are not transparent about their operations. A platform offering high ROIs without a clear revenue model might leave most participants at a loss.


FAQs – RunnaRiz Review

1. Who is the owner of RunnaRiz?

  • As of now, the ownership or executive details of RunnaRiz remain hidden on their website. This is obviously a ponzi. The admins of Data Mart have reviewed this properly.

2. How does the RunnaRiz compensation plan work?

  • Affiliates invest South African rand with the promise of a 70% ROI, paid out over a maximum of six months.

3. Are there any products to retail with RunnaRiz?

  • No, RunnaRiz does not have any retailable products or services.

4. Is there a referral commission?

  • Yes, RunnaRiz offers referral commissions on investments, spanning up to three recruitment levels.

5. Can anyone join RunnaRiz?

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