How to Remove MTN Caller Tunes

Have you ever wondered how you can personalize your phone calls and make them more entertaining? Do you want to promote your business, profession, or brand with your callers? Maybe you want to save money by deactivating the service. If you answered yes to these questions, you need to know about MTN Caller Tune. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to activate, deactivate, change, personalize, or gift an MTN Caller Tune. By the end of this post, you should know everything about MTN Caller Tune. If you’re ready, Let’s Begin!

What are MTN Caller Tunes?

MTN Caller Tunes are customized ringback tones that replace the dull “ring-ring” sound your callers hear when they call you. You can choose from various songs that suit your personality or needs. Additionally, you can create a Caller Tune with your name, profession, or a personalized message. The benefits of using MTN Caller Tunes are numerous:

  1. Entertain Your Callers: You get to entertain your callers with your favorite tunes.
  2. Promote Your Business: You can showcase your products or services or use a tune that delivers your slogan or motto.
  3. Gift a Tune: Surprise your friends with a birthday tune or any other occasion.

MTN Caller Tune Cost

Before we delve into the activation and deactivation processes, it’s crucial to understand the cost associated with MTN Caller Tunes:

  • Weekly Plan: 7 days for N20.
  • Monthly Plan: 30 days for N50.

How to Activate MTN Caller Tune

Activating MTN Caller Tunes is easy and convenient. You can do it through the following methods:

  1. Via SMS: Send the tune code to 4100. You can find the code by texting “help” to 4100 or dialing *410# to see available songs.Example: Send “011770” to 410 to activate the tune “Oleku” by Ice Prince and Brymo.
  2. Through USSD: Dial *410# and follow the instructions on the menu. Select from the displayed categories or reply with the number of the tune you like.
  3. Via Copying: Press one while the tune plays before the called party picks up. You can copy the tune of any MTN subscriber with an activated Caller Tune.

How to Deactivate MTN Caller Tune

Deactivating MTN Caller Tunes is also straightforward:

  • Text CANCEL or STOP to 410.
  • *Dial 410# and follow the prompts to deactivate or cancel Caller Tunes.

How to Delete MTN Caller Tune

To delete a Caller Tune, text “D tune code” to 410. For instance, send “D 011770” to 410 to delete the tune “Oleku” by Ice Prince and Brymo.

How to Check Active Callers Tune

To check your active Caller Tune, text LIB to 410. To cancel the service, text STOP to 410.

How to Change MTN Caller Tune

Changing your Caller Tune is as easy as activating a new one:

  • Use the methods mentioned above to activate a new tune. The new tune will replace the old one in your library.

How to Gift MTN Caller Tune

Dial *410#, select Tune, and follow the prompt to send it as a gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Code for MTN Caller Tune?

The code is 410. Dial *410# or send the Tune code to 410 to activate the caller tune.

How Can I Remove MTN Caller Tune?

To delete a Caller Tune, text “D tune code” to 410. Text Cancel to 410 to deactivate the service.

Do I Get Notified After Subscribing for Caller Tune?

Yes, you get notified if the activation is successful.

When I Download The Tune, Do I Own Them Forever?

No, each tune has a validity period of 7 or 30 days. After expiration without auto-renewal, the tune will be removed.

How Do I Check the Tunes in My Library?

You can check by texting “LIB” to 4100.

Do I Pay for Every Change of Tune in My Library?

Each tune will be auto-renewed at the end of the validity periods.

What is The Maximum Number of Tunes I Can Have in My Library?

You can have a maximum of 20 tunes in your library.

How Much Does MTN Caller Tune Cost?

MTN Caller Tunes cost N50/30 days or N20/7 days for each tune downloaded.

How Do I Get More Information About MTN Caller Tune?

To get more information about MTN Caller Tunes, text “help” to 4100.


Using MTN Caller Tunes is a great way to personalize your phone calls and make them more fun and entertaining. You can choose from various songs, music genres, languages, and categories that suit your personality and mood. You can activate & deactivate MTN Caller Tunes quickly and conveniently through SMS, USSD, or Copying. You can also gift a tune to someone else and make their day. So what are you waiting for? Start using MTN Caller Tunes today and enjoy!


If you want to deactivate the caller tunes and save some money, here are two methods:

  1. Via SMS: Send NO to 4100 and wait for a quick confirmation message.
  2. Via Customer Care: Send CANCEL to 4100 or call the customer care line 180 and follow the voice instructions.

In conclusion, understanding how to manage your MTN Caller Tunes ensures a personalized and cost-effective experience for both you and your callers.

Key Points and Takeaways:

  • MTN Caller Tunes are customized ringback tones that replace the standard ringtone.
  • Activation can be done via SMS, USSD, or copying a tune.
  • Deactivation is as simple as sending a text or dialing a USSD code.
  • Deleting and changing tunes can also be done through SMS or USSD.
  • Tunes have a validity period, and auto-renewal occurs at the end of the period.
  • You can have a maximum of 20 tunes in your library.
  • The cost of MTN Caller Tunes is N50/30 days or N20/7 days for each tune downloaded.
  • Various methods exist to gather information or seek help regarding MTN Caller Tunes.

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