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Learnify Review: Is learnify Legit Or Scam?


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is learnify?
  3. When Was learnify Launched?
  4. How Does learnify Work? And L-Earnify Review
  5. Earning Opportunities on learnify
    • One-Time Registration Fee
    • Daily Login Bonus
    • Ad Engagement
    • Engagement on L-earn Post
    • Referral Program
  6. How to Register on learnify
  7. How to Login on learnify
  8. learnify Referral/Affiliate Program
  9. How to Withdraw on learnify and Minimum Withdrawal
  10. Is learnify Still Paying and Does learnify Pay Without Referral?
  11. Owner and Founder of learnify
  12. Is learnify Legit?
  13. Is learnify Scam?
  14. Conclusion
  15. FAQs


In this learnify review, we will explore learnify.ng, a trending online earning platform. We will delve into various aspects of learnify, including its legitimacy, functionality, registration process, referral program, withdrawal options, and more. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of learnify and whether it is a legitimate platform or a potential scam. Let’s dive in!

What is learnify?

learnify is an online earning platform that allows individuals to register and perform specific tasks to earn money. One of the key ways to earn on learnify is by referring friends and family to join the platform using your unique referral link. When someone registers through your link, you receive a commission from their activities on the platform.

learnify is a network marketing community that leverages the internet and social media to facilitate learning and earning. It offers users the opportunity to develop skills and generate passive income. While learnify shares similarities with other online platforms, let’s explore what sets it apart.

When Was learnify Launched?

learnify was launched on May 26th, 2023, according to the information available on the website. The platform claims to be legitimate, but let’s continue our review to gather more insights.

How Does learnify Work? And L-Earnify Review

learnify operates on a structured earning system. Here are the various ways you can earn on learnify:

  1. One-Time Registration Fee: To join learnify, you need to pay a registration fee of N2500. Upon registration, you receive a welcome bonus of N2500, which appears in your dashboard.
  2. Daily Login Bonus: By logging into your learnify account daily, you earn N200.
  3. Ad Engagement: Engaging with advertisements on the platform allows you to earn N200.
  4. Engagement on L-earn Post: When you engage with L-earn posts, you earn N300.
  5. Referral Program: One of the significant earning opportunities on learnify is through referrals. When you refer someone to the platform, you earn N3500. Additionally, if the person you referred also refers someone, you earn N300. Furthermore, if your downline’s downline refers someone, you earn N100.

Even without referring anyone, it is possible to earn N700 daily on learnify, which amounts to N21,000 per month. This figure includes the welcome bonus of N2500. It’s important to note that referral activities are not mandatory for withdrawal.

How to Register on learnify

To register on learnify, follow these steps:

  1. Visit learnify.ng.
  2. Fill in all the required information.
  3. Click on the “Register” button to complete the registration process.

How to Login on learnify

To login or sign in to your learnify account, you need to provide your verified mobile phone number. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your verified mobile phone number.
  2. Click on the “Sign In” button to access your account.

Learnify Referral/Affiliate Program

learnify offers a referral/affiliate program that allows you to earn additional income. By referring friends and family through your affiliate link, also known as the referral link, you can earn commissions on their activities on the platform. Utilize your network to maximize your earning potential on learnify.

How to Withdraw on learnify and Minimum Withdrawal

Withdrawals on learnify can be made through the affiliate withdrawal system. Affiliates can request withdrawals twice a week, specifically on Tuesdays and Fridays, with a minimum withdrawal amount of ₦7000.

For non-affiliates, the withdrawal process is automatic. Once your earnings reach ₦20,000, the system will initiate an automatic withdrawal, and the funds will be paid directly to your bank account.

Is learnify Still Paying and Does learnify Pay Without Referral?

At the time of writing this review, there are no payment proofs available to determine if learnify is currently paying. It is unclear whether learnify pays without referrals. To stay updated on the payment status, refer to reliable sources and user experiences.

Owner and Founder of learnify

The identity of the owner and founder of learnify remains undisclosed. No public information is available regarding the person or group behind the platform.

Is learnify Legit?

As of now, there is no substantial evidence to confirm whether learnify is legit or a potential scam. The lack of payment proofs raises doubts about its legitimacy. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise caution and only invest an amount you can afford to lose if you decide to join learnify.

Here is Learnify contact info.

Is learnify Scam?

Currently, there are no reports indicating that learnify is a scam. However, due to the absence of payment proofs, it is difficult to assess its credibility fully. If you have any information or experiences related to learnify, please share them in the comments section to help others make informed decisions.


In this review, we explored learnify.ng, an online earning platform. We discussed various aspects, including its functionality, earning opportunities, registration process, withdrawal methods, and the platform’s legitimacy. While there is no concrete evidence to support learnify’s legitimacy, it is essential to approach such platforms with caution and consider investing only what you can afford to lose. Stay informed, gather more information, and rely on reliable sources before making any decisions.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: How much is the registration fee on learnify?
    • A: The registration fee on learnify is N2500.
  2. Q: Can I earn on learnify without referring anyone?
    • A: Yes, you can earn on learnify without referring anyone. Referral activities are not mandatory for withdrawals.
  3. Q: What is the minimum withdrawal amount on learnify?
    • A: For affiliates, the minimum withdrawal amount is ₦7000. Non-affiliates enjoy automatic withdrawals once their earnings reach ₦20,000.
  4. Q: Does learnify pay without referrals?
    • A: The payment policy regarding referrals on learnify is unclear. It is recommended to refer to reliable sources for the latest information and user experiences.
  5. Q: Who is the owner of learnify?
    • A: The identity of the owner of learnify remains undisclosed.

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