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How to Unsubscribe on Cell C


How to Unsubscribe on Cell C: A Comprehensive Guide

Cell C, one of South Africa’s major mobile communication providers, offers a variety of subscription services through Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs). While these services provide diverse content, users may find themselves inadvertently subscribed and incurring charges. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to unsubscribe from SMS subscription services on Cell C. Additionally, we’ll address common challenges, troubleshooting tips, and provide valuable resources for further assistance.

How to Unsubscribe on Cell C

To regain control over your subscriptions, follow these steps:

  1. Open your messaging app: Begin by accessing your messaging app on your Cell C device.
  2. Compose a new message: Create a new message within the messaging app.
  3. Recipient field: Enter “STOP” followed by the shortcode provided by the specific service you wish to unsubscribe from (e.g., STOP 12345).
  4. Send the message: Ensure there is no space between “STOP” and the shortcode number, then send the message.

For MTN and Vodacom users, specific methods are outlined, ensuring clarity for users of different network providers.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Potential Challenges:

  • Difficulty finding the opt-out option: Locating the opt-out option on the Cell C website may pose a challenge.
  • Error messages during unsubscribe attempts: Users may encounter error messages such as “Invalid request” or “Request failed.”

Possible Error Messages and Their Meanings:

  • “Invalid request” or “Request failed”: Indicates an issue with input, such as entering an incorrect code or not following the correct format.

Troubleshooting Tips for Unsuccessful Opt-Out Attempts:

  1. Double-checking instructions: Ensure all steps are followed correctly according to provided guidelines.
  2. Contacting customer support: If issues persist, reach out to Cell C’s customer support for assistance with technical challenges.

By being aware of these challenges and their solutions, users can navigate the unsubscribing process more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of all communication from Cell C?

Answer: Yes, you can opt out of most communication from Cell C, controlling the frequency and type of messages received.

Will I still receive important operational communication if I opt out?

Answer: No, opting out does not affect essential operational communications regarding billing updates, service disruptions, or network upgrades.

How long does it take for the opt-out to take effect?

Answer: The time varies, but changes should reflect within a reasonable timeframe after submitting the opt-out request.

Can I opt back in after unsubscribing?

Answer: Yes, you can re-subscribe by visiting Cell C’s website or contacting customer support to reverse previous unsubscribe requests.

What should I do if I continue receiving unwanted communication even after unsubscription?

Answer: Contact Cell C’s dedicated helpline to speak with a customer service representative for assistance in resolving the issue.

In conclusion, by following the outlined steps, users can easily unsubscribe from SMS subscription services, gaining control over their messaging inbox. It is essential to be aware that while this stops future messages, it may not delete previous messages or cancel charges incurred before opting out.


  • Unsubscribe via messaging app: “STOP” + shortcode.
  • Challenges: Finding opt-out, error messages.
  • Troubleshooting tips: Double-check instructions, contact customer support.
  • Additional resources: Guides for Cell C, MTN, Vodacom, and blog post series.
  • FAQs: Opt-out, operational communication, opt-back, time for effect, unwanted communication.

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