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How to Borrow Airtime from Telkom

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How to borrow airtime from Telkom –

How do you borrow airtime from Telkom? This is a question often asked by many Telkom users in South Africa. Sometimes you may find yourself in need of airtime, or stranded without credit on your phone. Thanks to Telkom however, you can actually easily borrow airtime in less than one minute.

This article will take care of all your questions about how to borrow airtime from Telkom, while also answering related queries.

Introduction to Telkom’s Emergency Airtime Service

Telkom is South Africa’s leading landline company, and it understands the importance of uninterrupted communication. That’s why they introduced the Telkom Emergency Airtime Service. With this, customers can purchase airtime or data bundles on credit and seamlessly pay it off during their next recharge.

How To Borrow Telkom Emergency Airtime

Easy as pie! Dial *180#, select ‘Emergency Top Up’, and choose the amount you need.

What Is The Code Used To Borrow Telkom Emergency Airtime

The magic code is *180#. Dial and get instant access to airtime.

How Much Airtime Can I Borrow On Telkom

Telkom offers a variety of options, from R3 to R15. Pick what fits your needs!

Who can borrow airtime on Telkom?

Only prepaid and top-up customers with at least six months on Telkom can use this service.

To request the Telkom Emergency Top-Up Service from the Telkom Portal

Remember to register on the Telkom Portal or the Telkom App to request this service.

Can I Buy Data With Telkom Emergency Airtime?

No direct conversion, but you can choose data as your emergency top-up during the request.

How Do I Get Airtime Advance On Telkom

First, be a top-up or prepaid customer. Register on the Telkom Portal and use the app to request the service.

Is A Subscriber Charged When Airtime Is Borrowed On Telkom

Yes! An R1.10 service fee applies. Ensure to repay the borrowed amount plus the service fee.

Can I Transfer Borrowed Airtime On Telkom To Another Number?

Transferring borrowed airtime is a no-go. But you can use it to make calls for others.

Are you looking to borrow airtime from Telkom?

You’re in luck! Follow the simple steps below to borrow airtime from Telkom.

Steps to Borrow Telkom Airtime

Dial *180# on your mobile, select ‘Emergency Top Up’, and choose R10 as your borrowed amount.

What’s the code to borrow airtime from Telkom?

It’s *180# – your gateway to borrowed airtime.

How much airtime can I borrow from Telkom?

Currently, R10 is your go-to amount. Perfect for those quick calls!

Who is this service available to?

Both Topup and Prepaid Telkom users, with a history of at least 6 months and a minimum recharge of R10, can access this service.

Do I get charged when I borrow money?

Absolutely! A service fee of R1 is charged for every borrowed transaction.

Can Emergency Telkom Airtime be used for anything?

Indeed! Use it for data, calls, or SMS. You decide!

Can Borrowed Telkom Airtime be transferred to other Telkom users?

Though you can’t transfer, you can definitely make calls on behalf of others.

Why is Telkom Emergency Top Up Useful?


Emergencies can pop up anytime! With this service, you’re always prepared. Whether you’re out of airtime or stuck in a no-recharge zone, Telkom has your back.

If you are still confused, please watch the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What’s the primary code for borrowing airtime on Telkom? Answer: The key code for borrowing airtime from Telkom is *180#.

Q2: How is the amount I can borrow from Telkom determined? Answer: The amount you can borrow, ranging from R3 to R15, is based on your recharge history and network risk profile.

Q3: Can I convert borrowed Telkom airtime to data? Answer: Direct conversion isn’t possible. However, during the borrowing process, you can opt for data as your emergency top-up.

Q4: Are there any charges for borrowing airtime from Telkom? Answer: Yes, there’s an R1.10 service fee for each transaction.

Q5: Can I share or transfer borrowed Telkom airtime? Answer: No, you can’t transfer borrowed airtime. However, you can use it to make calls for someone else.

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