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How to Check Airtime Balance on Cell C

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How to Check Airtime Balance on Cell C –

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
    • Overview of Cell C
    • Importance of tracking airtime
  2. USSD Code Method
    • Quick balance check
    • The Master USSD menu
  3. Using the Cell C Mobile App
    • Installation process
    • App functionalities
  4. SMS Method
    • Steps to check balance via SMS
  5. Online Portal
    • How to log in and check balance
  6. Agent Assistance
    • Dialing the right number
    • Seeking balance details
  7. Summary
  8. Additional Useful USSD Codes
    • Various codes and their functions
  9. FAQs

Introduction – How to Check Airtime Balance on Cell C

Moving to a new phone network can be like stepping into an unfamiliar room. There’s so much to learn and understand. If you’ve recently joined Cell C, one of South Africa’s top mobile networks, you might be wondering about simple stuff. Like, how do you check your Cell C airtime balance? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Have you ever thought, “How do I see my Cell C airtime balance?” We get it; everyone does at first. Thankfully, Cell C has these easy codes called USSD codes. They’re like quick shortcuts on your phone. Just like you might have seen with other networks, with Cell C, these codes make things super easy. So, checking your Cell C airtime balance becomes a simple task.

Some people search for secret ‘cell c airtime cheat codes,’ but most of us just want the basics. And that’s what these USSD codes are for. They’re shortcuts for many things, not just for seeing your Cell C airtime balance. Sure, you can go to their website, but why do that when you can use a quick code?

In this guide, we’ll give you the most popular Cell C USSD codes. So, the next time you need to check your Cell C airtime balance, you’ll know exactly what to do!

How to Cell C Airtime Balance With USSD Codes

USSD codes are like magic numbers for mobile phone users. With just a simple dial, you can access various services without needing the internet. For Cell C users, checking your airtime has never been easier.

Grab your Cell C phone and just dial *101#. Almost like magic, you’ll get a message showing your airtime balance. But wait, there’s an alternative! You can also dial *147# and then choose option 2. This will also show you how much airtime you have left. It’s super simple and incredibly fast, ensuring you’re never left wondering about your balance.

How to Check Cell C Airtime Balance on Cell C Mobile App

In the age of smartphones, apps have become our go-to for many daily tasks. Cell C offers a handy mobile app that’s designed to make life easier for its users. To get started, download the Cell C mobile app from the iOS or Android store, depending on your phone’s operating system.

Once you have it installed, not only can you view your airtime balance with a few taps, but you can also access a range of other features. It’s like having a Cell C store right in your pocket!

How to Check Cell C Airtime Balance Through SMS

Text messaging or SMS is one of the oldest and most widely used features on mobile phones. Cell C allows you to check your airtime balance with a simple text.

Just compose a new message with the word “bal” and send it to 14302. In a short while, you’ll get a reply showing your current airtime balance. It’s that simple! So, if you’re not into apps or USSD codes, this method is a great alternative.

How to Check Cell C Airtime Balance Online

For those who prefer doing things online, Cell C has got you covered. You can check your airtime balance via their official website.

To do this, visit the Cell C website and log into the self-service section. While not everyone uses this method, it provides a detailed view of your account. You can see your airtime, data balance, and even your SMS bundle status. It’s a comprehensive way to keep track of your phone’s resources.

How to Check Cell C Airtime Balance Through Cell C Agent

Sometimes, we all need a little human interaction, especially when technology seems a bit confusing. If you’re having trouble checking your balance or just prefer speaking to someone, Cell C provides this option. Dial 135 from your Cell C phone, then choose option 9.

A friendly agent will be on the other end, ready to assist you. They can provide your airtime balance and help with any other queries you might have. It’s personalized service at its best!

All Cell C USSD Codes and Their Many Functions

USSD codes are nifty shortcuts that offer mobile users quick access to various services without the need for internet connectivity. If you’re a Cell C user, these codes can significantly simplify tasks and make mobile navigation a breeze. Here’s a rundown on some of the essential USSD codes for Cell C:

How to Check Your Cell C Airtime Balance with *101#

Arguably the most commonly used USSD code for Cell C users. By dialing *101# on your handset, you can instantly view your remaining airtime. It’s straightforward and offers an immediate display of your balance.

The Master Menu: *147#

This code is the gateway to multiple services. Dial *147# and a menu pops up, showcasing a range of account management and inquiry options. For instance, if you ever run low on airtime and need an emergency top-up, just select option 7 after entering the master menu.

WASP Subscriptions


WASP subscriptions can sometimes be tricky to navigate. To get a clear view of your WASP subscriptions, just dial 1331#.

How to See Your Device IMEI


Your device’s IMEI is essential, especially for security and service purposes. By pressing *#06#, you can quickly retrieve this unique identifier.

How to Find Your Phone Number on Cell C


Forgot your number? Happens to the best of us! To recall your Cell C phone number, dial 147100#. It’s particularly useful when you’ve gotten a new SIM and haven’t memorized the number yet.

How to Recharge Airtime on Cell C

*102*Recharge PIN#

When you buy airtime using a voucher, use this code to top up your account. Just replace “Recharge PIN” with the actual pin from your voucher.

How to Send a “Please Call Me” on Cell C


In moments when you can’t make a call, but need someone to call you back, this feature is invaluable. Replace “MSISDN” with the number of the person you’re trying to reach.

How to Borrow Airtime on Cell C: *102*3# and Sharing Airtime


If you ever need to borrow airtime or send some to a friend, these two codes make it hassle-free.

Changing Your Tariff


To explore and switch between the best Cell C deals, this code is your friend.

How to Check Cell C Loyalty Points

Cell C values its loyal customers. If you’re curious about how many loyalty points you’ve accumulated, there are multiple ways to find out:

  • Cell C Mobile App: Navigate to ‘Check balances’ on the home screen.
  • Self-Service IVR: Dial 135 and choose the options to “Manage” and then “View Remaining Balance and Usage”.
  • USSD Codes: The old reliables, *101# or *147#, and then option 2.
  • Customer Service: Dial 136 and choose option 0 for a balance inquiry.


Q1: What’s the quickest way to check my Cell C airtime? *A: Dialing the USSD code 101# from your Cell C phone gives you an instant airtime balance update.

Q2: Can I use the Cell C mobile app for balance checks? A: Absolutely! Once you’ve installed the app, you can easily check your airtime balance along with other functionalities.

Q3: How do I get a detailed view of my account, including airtime? A: The Cell C website’s self-service portal offers comprehensive insights into your account, including airtime balance.

Q4: Is SMS a reliable method for balance checks on Cell C? A: Yes, by sending “bal” to 14302, you’ll promptly receive your current airtime status.

Q5: I’m new to Cell C; how do I ensure I always have enough airtime? A: With multiple methods like USSD, SMS, Mobile App, and online portal, keeping track of your Cell C airtime is a breeze!

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