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How Many Derica is in a Bag of Rice?

How many derica

How Many Derica is in a Bag of Rice?

You’ve probably ventured into a Nigerian market or heard discussions surrounding food measurements and the term “derica” might have popped up. But what exactly does it mean in the vast Nigerian world of food measurement systems and yardsticks?

What is Derica?

Derived from an 800g tin tomato container, the term “Derica” represents a standard unit predominantly employed for measuring food stuffs in the western, eastern, and southern parts of Nigeria.

Origin and Popularity of the Term ‘Derica’ in Nigeria

The inception of the name “Derica” traces back to one of the earliest tin tomato brands in the nation. Due to its overwhelming popularity and widespread use, the term evolved to mean the tin container itself, transforming into the de-facto standard for food measurements.

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Difference Between Derica, Half Derica, Milk Cup, and Tin Tomatoes Cup

The Nigerian market uses a spectrum of measuring units, each with its unique volume and significance. The full-sized Derica, equivalent to an 800g tin tomato container, leads the pack. Following closely is the Half Derica, which, as the name suggests, is half the size. Then we have the Milk Cup, which matches a 200g liquid milk container, and the smallest in the lineup – the Tin Tomatoes Cup, which is a 100g tin tomatoes cup. Understanding these variations is crucial for any trader or shopper aiming to navigate the market efficiently.

Comparing Derica to Other Measurements

While “derica” holds a dominant spot in Nigerian food measurements, how does it compare to other standard measures?

How many Derica is in a Custard Bucket?

A commonly used container, the custard bucket, can house up to 4 dericas. Often, this bucket, which can hold up to 4 liters, is colloquially referred to as the ‘paint bucket.’ However, it’s essential to understand that this is distinct from the conventional ‘paint rubber’ utilized for measuring items like rice and beans.

How many Derica is in a paint bucket?

When we mention the term “paint bucket” or “paint rubber”, it encapsulates several rubber types. Among these are the 4-liter rubber, the heftier 20-liter container, and the ‘Kongo’ – used primarily for measuring rice. The varying measurements associated with each type are crucial to remember, especially when making bulk purchases.

Let’s look at these different sizes:

  1. Small Paint Rubber (4-Liter): This is also called “custard rubber”. It’s a small container. When filled up, it holds the same amount as 4 dericas.
  2. Big Paint Rubber (20-Liter): This is a much larger container. Some people use it, especially for big things like a lot of tomatoes. It can hold the same amount as 20 dericas.
  3. Kongo Size: This is another big container mostly used for rice. It holds a quarter of what a full rice bag can hold. If we break it down, a kongo has 16 dericas worth of rice inside.

But there’s a small twist when we talk about beans.

A full bag of rice and a full bag of beans are not the same size in Nigeria. If a rice bag holds 64 dericas, a beans bag, because it’s bigger, holds 68 dericas. So, if you divide the beans bag into four equal parts, each part (also called a paint) has 17 dericas worth of beans.

In simple words, different containers are used for different amounts, and knowing this helps while shopping in Nigeria.

Specific Food Measurements with Derica

Rice and Derica

Rice, a staple in numerous households, often sees its quantity measured in dericas. When you’re aiming to cook, especially in substantial amounts, understanding the conversion between bags of rice and dericas can be a lifesaver. To put it succinctly, 64 dericas make up one bag of rice. This conversion is pivotal for those looking to buy or sell in the market.

Beans and Derica

Beans, another favorite, have a slightly different measurement when compared to rice. A bag of beans is slightly more voluminous than a standard 50kg bag of rice. While the former comprises 68 dericas, the latter consists of 64. Knowing this can be the difference between the perfect stew and an overflowing pot.\


While the south swears by the derica, the north has its measuring champion – the Mudu. This container has variations in size, and understanding its equivalence to derica can make transactions smoother.

How many derica is in a mudu?

A ‘Mudu’, a staple in northern Nigeria, equates to various derica measurements based on its size. The smallest mudu can hold 2 dericas, while the largest can accommodate up to 2.5. Being aware of this can significantly aid in cross-regional trade and purchases.


  • How many derica is in quarter bag of rice? A bag of rice is equivalent to 64 dericas. Hence, a quarter bag translates to 16 dericas.
  • 1 derica of rice is how many kg? Given that a bag of rice, comprising 64 dericas, weighs 50kg, a single derica represents approximately 0.78kg or 780 grams.
  • How many derica is in 10kg of rice? Using the conversion, a 10kg bag of rice contains roughly 12.8 dericas.
  • How many derica is in a custard bucket of rice? A custard bucket can hold up to 4 dericas.
  • How many Derica is in a 50kg bag of rice? A 50kg rice bag is equivalent to 64 dericas.


Grasping the concept of derica and its various equivalences in Nigerian food measurements is a gateway to a smoother market experience. As you tread the busy aisles of Nigerian markets, this knowledge will not only ensure accurate purchases but also provide a deeper understanding of the local trading culture. So, the next time you find yourself haggling over a derica of rice or beans, you’ll do so with confidence and clarity.



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