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Ant Ranch Reviews South Africa: Legit or Scam?

Ant Ranch Review:

Ant Ranch Reviews South Africa: Legit or Scam?

Introduction: Understanding Ant Ranch

Ant Ranch South Africa is a new investment scheme that’s gaining traction among potential investors. As curiosity grows around this platform, many are wondering if it’s a promising financial venture or a potential pitfall. This article delves into the details to provide clarity on its operations and intentions.

Note: Ant Ranch has crashed as at the time of updating this article, on the 17th of October.

Features of Ant Ranch

Website and Ownership

Ant Ranch’s digital platform is hosted on antranch-za.com. However, a significant point of concern is that Ant Ranch does not provide any details regarding its ownership or executive team on its website. This lack of transparency can be alarming, as potential investors or affiliates have no clarity about who they are dealing with.

According to a domain search, the Ant Ranch website (“antranch.vip”) was registered on May 9th, 2023, in a private capacity, concealing the owner’s identity. Additionally, the source-code of their website contains Chinese, hinting at a potential Chinese origin. This is further supported by the domain being registered through Alibaba’s Singapore division. The connection to China and lack of transparency raises eyebrows about the intentions and authenticity of the company.

Products and Services

It is essential for any legitimate company to offer products or services that provide value to its customers. However, upon inspection, Ant Ranch seems to lack any retailable products or services. The only available option is the promotion of its affiliate membership.

Investment Plans Ant Ranch South Africa

Ant Ranch’s compensation strategy is based on affiliates investing in South African Rand (R) or its tether (USDT) equivalents with the lure of returns on their investments. The plans range from a minimum of R60 with a daily return of R3 for 30 days to an investment of R60,000 yielding R2500 a day for 520 days. Here are all the investment packages:

  • Turkey – invest R60 and receive R3 a day for 30 days
  • Goose – invest R200 and receive R8 a day for 60 days
  • Sheep – invest R600 and receive R25 a day for 90 days
  • Pig – invest R1500 and receive R60 a day for 180 days
  • Donkey – invest R1700 and receive R70 a day for 190 days
  • Ostrich – invest R2500 and receive R100 a day for 190 days
  • Sika Deer – invest R4000 and receive R160 a day for 210 days
  • Caiman – invest R10,000 and receive R400 a day for 240 days
  • Alpaca – invest R18,000 and receive R750 a day for 365 days
  • Cow – invest R35,000 and receive R1450 a day for 450 days
  • Camel – invest R60,000 and receive R2500 a day for 520 days

Note that Ant Ranch charges a 14% withdrawal fee. Withdrawals are also not possible unless an affiliate has an active investment.

Ant Ranch pays referral commissions on invested funds down two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 10%
  • level 2 – 7%

However, some red flags include:

  • A significant 14% withdrawal fee.
  • Restrictions on withdrawals unless an affiliate has an active investment.
  • Referral commissions on invested funds are only down two levels of recruitment.

Membership and Investment

While joining Ant Ranch is free, full participation requires a minimum investment of R60. Investments are solicited in South African Rand and tether (USDT), with payments processed through various South African payment systems and banks.

Is Ant Ranch Legit or Scam? The Verdict

Ant Ranch is a scam. It portrays itself as an attractive investment opportunity, particularly for South Africans. However, it carries several attributes of a Ponzi scheme:

  • Lack of Transparency: The absence of ownership details and executive information is concerning. As suggested by various experts, potential investors should be wary of platforms that lack this essential disclosure.
  • No Retail Products: The absence of retailable products or services is a significant red flag. Any sustainable business model requires a tangible product or service offering.
  • Unclear Compensation Model: The compensation structure seems too good to be true. The high returns on minimal investments and exorbitant withdrawal fees are indicative of potential risks.
  • Chinese Connection: The affiliation with China, without proper disclosure, raises questions about the platform’s genuine intentions.

In conclusion, while Ant Ranch might appeal to many as a lucrative opportunity, the lack of transparency and certain questionable features make it a risky venture. As with any investment opportunity, especially in the MLM sector, due diligence and thorough research are paramount. Based on the information available, caution is advised before investing in Ant Ranch.

Investors’ Reaction After Ant Ranch South Africa Scam

User Complaints on Ant Ranch MLM Scheme:

  1. Geographical Misrepresentation: “I’m outraged that a whopping 97% of Ant Ranch’s website traffic comes from South Africa. Yet, they never made this evident on their platform!”
  2. False Farming Representation: “This so-called ‘farming yield’ by clicking a button? What a joke! Claiming the yield is sold to ‘buyers’ but in reality, there’s no farming happening at all. Such a deceitful representation.”
  3. Ponzi System: “All Ant Ranch seems to be doing is recycling new investments to pay off the old investors. This is a classic Ponzi system, and I’m appalled to have been lured into it.”
  4. Disappearance without Notice: “The most frustrating thing about these ‘click a button’ Ponzi apps? They vanish without notice. I had invested quite a sum, and now I’m left with nothing.”
  5. Multiple Collapses: “It’s shocking to learn that there have been other Ponzi apps with the same farming ruse like Peace Ranch and The Ranch which have already collapsed. And to think I almost put my money in Ant Ranch!”
  6. Short Life Span: “These ‘click a button’ Ponzi apps hardly last for a few weeks or months. Had I known this, I would never have invested in Ant Ranch.”
  7. Deceptive Group Connections: “It’s believed that the same group of Chinese scammers is behind these Ponzi apps. We’re basically being played by a syndicate!”
  8. Personal Stories: “Someone pitched this Ant Ranch scheme to my wife at work! It’s distressing to know that these scams have permeated into our daily lives.”
  9. Defensiveness from Other Users: “The audacity of some users defending Ant Ranch, saying it’s ‘different’ from other scams, only to be proven wrong when it collapsed. This blind trust is the root cause of such scams thriving.”
  10. Collapse: “It was heartbreaking to read the update that Ant Ranch has collapsed. So many of us have lost our hard-earned money. It’s a lesson learnt the hard way.”
  11. Peer Pressure: “Seeing comments of people who got their families and friends involved only to regret it later is just disheartening. Ponzi schemes don’t just rob you of your money, but also your relationships.”
  12. Banking Systems’ Failure: “It’s alarming that the banking systems don’t have a mechanism to flag such dubious transactions. A lot of this could have been prevented with better monitoring.”
  13. Desperation: “The real tragedy here is the exploitation of desperate people. Scammers like these behind Ant Ranch prey on our hopes and dreams, leaving us devastated.”
  14. Repeated Warnings: “There were so many warnings and reviews against investing in Ant Ranch, yet many, including myself, didn’t heed them. It’s a tough pill to swallow.”

After successful registration, you will be rewarded with R10 and a Brazilian tortoise. Click to feed and get R1 every day. At the same time, you can also get 2000 points: https://www.antranch.vip//create?inviteCode=0fssqsy3

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  • Ant Ranch lacks transparency in ownership details.
  • The company does not offer retailable products or services.
  • Their compensation plan might be too good to be true.
  • Strong ties to China without proper disclosure are concerning.


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  1. I want to find out I deposited an amount of R2500.00 on the 07.10.2023 the system is still appearing as applying. How long does it take for my investment to start making money
    The 2500.00 is the value for the purchase of the ostrich.

  2. Before everyone gets exited what is the longterm trust issue with ant ranch I would like to tell people about it but not unless I’m sure I can

  3. Over the past two weeks people who had initially invested in ant ranch have made complains about depositing money and not receiving their withdrawal payouts, the websites has recently crashed for the second time in just a month and there seems to be no solution in fixing it as the recruiter’s/workers have been ghosting individuals who have invested in it

  4. I loan 35k to invest on this now I don’t know where to get money back please help us I have proof of payment that I sent money to ant ranch my family are starving now because of this

  5. Hi am also a victim of ant ranch ive lost most of the money that was supposed to pay my dept for the month and also borrowed money to buy a snake that was going to convert my points to cash I also need help and where I work we are many please if possible please help 😔


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