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How to Check my UIF Status: www.labour.gov.za UIF Claim Payment

How to check uif status

How to Check My UIF Status

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is a pivotal component of South Africa’s support mechanism for those experiencing unemployment. Knowing the progress of your application and the status of your benefits is crucial. This guide will unveil the seamless steps to check your UIF status through different mediums.

How to Check UIF Status Online

Navigate to the official UIF portal: www.labour.gov.za uif claim status check balance. Once there:

  1. Click on the ‘Login’ option.
  2. Input your credentials: username and password.
  3. After logging in, monitor the progress of your UIF application effortlessly.

www.ufiling.co.za status check provides a dedicated platform to ensure users can get a detailed overview of their status without hassles.

How to Check UIF Status on Phone

Got a UIF case number after your claim? It’s a key to checking your status offline. Simply dial 012 337 1680, and you’ll be updated about the progress of your UIF application.

How to Check UIF Status with USSD Code

For those without steady internet access, the Labour Department’s uif status check online ussd is a boon. Just dial **134*843#* and follow the prompts to ascertain your UIF status. This method is designed to help both employers and employees without internet access.

Who Can Check UIF Status?

If you’re an employer or an employee who’s applied for UIF, you have the privilege to monitor the application’s progress. It’s not just about the status; it’s about transparency and assurance.

Understanding Your UIF Claim Balance

Wondering about the funds you’re entitled to? Your UIF claim balance is your answer. It’s calculated considering your work duration and contributions made. Stay informed; stay empowered!

How to Claim UIF Online

The process is simple on www.labour.gov.za. Once registered, just log in and proceed with your claim. The platform is designed for user-friendliness, ensuring a smooth claim process.

How to Check UIF Status on Phone

No steady internet? No worries! The Department of Labour provides a helpline. Just follow our instructions up there and stay updated about your UIF status, ensuring everyone stays informed.

How to Troubleshoot uFiling Login and Registration

Facing hiccups while logging in or registering on uFiling? The helpdesk is there to rescue! They’ll guide through any technical glitches, ensuring you get the information you need.

Understanding UIF Payments

UIF isn’t just about claims; it’s about payments too. The funds are disbursed monthly, based on your claim balance and unemployment duration. It’s all about providing financial stability during challenging times.


Knowing your UIF status is a step towards ensuring you benefit from the support meant for you. Whether online, via phone, or USSD, multiple platforms ensure you’re always informed. In the face of unemployment, UIF stands as a beacon of hope.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is the UIF?
    • The UIF or Unemployment Insurance Fund is a South African government initiative designed to support unemployed workers.
  2. How can I get the status of my UIF claim?
    • You can either log into the official www.labour.gov.za website, use the uFiling website or make a phone call to the Department of Labour’s toll-free number.
  3. What determines my UIF claim balance?
    • It’s a calculation based on your employment tenure and the contributions you’ve made to the UIF.
  4. Who do I contact if I have issues with uFiling login or registration?
    • The uFiling helpdesk is available to assist with any login or registration issues you might encounter.
  5. How often are UIF payments made?
    • UIF payments are processed on a monthly basis, contingent on your claim balance and your period of unemployment.


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