Is Epiqpay Legit? Reviews and Complaints from Reddit

Is Epiqpay Legit? Reviews and Complaints from Reddit


Table of Contents

  • Is Epiqpay a Legitimate Payment Processor?
  • Background and History
  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Company Location and Physical Address
  • Executive Team and Management
  • Customer Support Quality
  • Online Merchant Reviews
  • Processing Fees and Rates
  • Website Quality and Ownership
  • Final Verdict – Should Merchants Use Epiqpay?

Is Epiqpay a Legitimate Payment Processor?

Yes. Epiqpay is legit. The rise of Epiqpay as a payment processor has left many merchants pondering its legitimacy. Here, we take an exhaustive look into Epiqpay’s claims, practices, and public reputation to assist in answering this pivotal question.

Background and History


Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Delaware, Epiqpay is relatively new to the scene. Curiously, their website offers scant details on their origins. Deeper research uncovers that they were formerly known as “Direct Processing Network” until late 2018. Such opacity and lack of historical transparency can be unsettling to potential customers, especially in a sector where trust is paramount.

However, the company has been in business for years, and have shown no sign of a breakdown.


Company Location and Physical Address

Epiqpay claims Wilmington, Delaware as its base. Yet, public records seem to counter this assertion, and further searches yield no corroborative evidence. A tangible physical location bolsters trust – its apparent absence here is worrisome.

Executive Team and Management

Scrutinizing the executive team further deepens concerns. Their presented profiles lack verifiable credentials, and efforts to find them on platforms like LinkedIn turned fruitless. Such oversight or potential misrepresentation weakens their trustworthiness.

Customer Support Quality

Our direct engagement with Epiqpay’s customer service yielded mixed results. While initial interactions were prompt, subsequent engagements felt non-transparent and uninformative. This inconsistent experience fosters doubts about their commitment to long-term service.

Online Merchant Reviews

Surprisingly, independent online reviews for Epiqpay are scarce, with only a few positive ones found on their site. Trustworthy companies typically have verifiable customer feedback on third-party platforms. The glaring absence here raises eyebrows.

Processing Fees and Rates

Their advertised rates might seem attractive, but a closer inspection hints at ambiguity and potential hidden charges. Such lack of transparency can be a trap for unsuspecting merchants.

Website Quality and Ownership

Their website quality further diminishes confidence. Recent domain registration and apparent quick assembly suggest a rushed effort rather than a robust digital presence that most reputable payment processors display.

Conclusion – Should Merchants Use Epiqpay?

Regrettably, the evidence, or the lack thereof, surrounding Epiqpay raises significant red flags. From unclear origins and questionable licenses to a virtual absence of verifiable reviews and transparency issues, the warning signs are hard to ignore.

Trust is earned, and currently, Epiqpay struggles in this aspect. The financial stakes for merchants are high – they should engage with established, transparent payment processors.


  • Epiqpay’s opaque history raises credibility concerns.
  • They fail to provide verifiable industry certifications.
  • There’s a notable lack of independent online reviews.
  • Their website lacks the professionalism typical of established payment processors.
  • Proceed with caution or consider alternative accredited options.
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