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How to Port to Vodacom from MTN


How to Port to Vodacom from MTN –


In the dynamic realm of mobile communications in South Africa, two giants, MTN and Vodacom, dominate the landscape. The ever-evolving needs and preferences of consumers lead to a continuous flow of individuals switching between these telecommunications powerhouses. If you find yourself considering a move from MTN to Vodacom while retaining your cherished mobile number, you’re not alone.

This article will guide you through the seamless process of porting from MTN to Vodacom, ensuring a smooth transition without sacrificing your established identity in the mobile world.

How to Port from MTN to Vodacom

The process of porting your number from MTN to Vodacom is designed for simplicity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you:

  1. Purchase a Vodacom SIM: Kickstart the process by acquiring a Vodacom SIM card, readily available at your nearest Vodacom store.
  2. Register (RICA) the New SIM: Before diving into the porting process, ensure that your new Vodacom SIM is registered (RICAed). This requires presenting your identification and proof of residence at the Vodacom store.
  3. Retain Your Old MTN SIM: For the time being, keep your existing MTN SIM card in your phone.
  4. Compose a Porting SMS: Open your messaging app and create a new message. Type “portme” followed by a space and the number of your new Vodacom SIM. For instance, if your new Vodacom SIM number is 0828378374, the message would read: “portme 0828378374.”
  5. Send SMS to 082 767 8287: Dispatch the SMS to the specified number for processing.
  6. Confirmation Message: Following your SMS, you’ll receive a confirmation message, including your scheduled port date.
  7. Activate the New Vodacom SIM: A day after the designated port date, insert your new Vodacom SIM into your phone. Dial 136 to activate the new SIM.

How Long Does it Take to Port to Vodacom from MTN?

The porting process from MTN to Vodacom typically takes around 24 hours, providing a swift transition period. This timeframe is consistent across various networks, whether you’re moving from MTN to Vodacom, MTN to Telkom, or vice versa. If needed, you have the flexibility to choose a port date within the next 30 days, allowing you to plan the switch according to your convenience.

Who Can Port to Vodacom from MTN?

The porting instructions outlined above cater to prepaid customers. However, if you are a contract customer, the process is also open to you. The difference lies in the need to visit your nearest Vodacom store to initiate the porting process, where additional paperwork may be required before commencing the transfer.

Why Port from MTN to Vodacom?

South Africans routinely switch between MTN and Vodacom, driven by the competitive nature of both networks. The allure of enticing offers and superior service often prompts users to explore the alternative. You might be considering the switch because you’ve heard about Vodacom’s stellar service or found it to be more cost-effective. The telecommunications scene in South Africa allows for this fluidity, and number portability ensures you retain your mobile identity seamlessly.

Can I Switch Back to My Old Network after Porting to Vodacom?

While the article has guided you on how to port to Vodacom from MTN, it’s essential to consider the possibility that the new network may not meet your expectations. If this is the case, you can return to your old network, but there’s a catch – you can only do so after 90 days. This rule emphasizes the importance of being certain about your decision to port from MTN to Vodacom.


In conclusion, porting from MTN to Vodacom is a straightforward process that enables you to explore the dynamic landscape of South Africa’s telecommunications. Whether driven by competitive deals, superior service, or simply a desire for change, porting your number ensures you make the switch seamlessly without the hassle of informing all your contacts about a new number.

The telecommunications industry’s commitment to number portability empowers consumers with the freedom to choose, fostering healthy competition among providers. By choosing Vodacom, you align yourself with a network known for its extensive coverage and customer-centric approach. Embrace this new chapter confidently, knowing that your mobile experience is now enriched with the excellence of Vodacom.

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