Home Reviews Is Capital One Settlement Payment Epiqpay legit?

Is Capital One Settlement Payment Epiqpay legit?

Is capital one settlement epiqpay legit?

Capital One class action settlement payment emails. Are they real?

The short answer to this question is yes. Capital One class action settlement payment emails are real. However, there are already a lot of scams going on, so kindly read through the article to know how you can stay safe. This article will address every detail you may want to learn of.

If you are reading this now, you probably want to know if the capital one settlement payments you have seen or heard of are real. In this next paragraph, we answer your question properly and also add our sources.

Are the Capital One class action settlement payment emails legit?

THE ANSWER: Yes. These emails are legitimate and form part of the official communication from the settlement proceedings.


  • Capital One
  • The official Capital One data breach class action settlement website
  • EpiqPay

How to Get Your Capital One Settlement

Genuine settlement payment emails come from the address NoReply@EpiqPay.com. Claimants can click on the “Claim Payment” link within these emails to access their payment dashboard and select their preferred payment method. Any additional communication or verification of the payment process comes through Tremendous, the settlement website’s official payment partner.

This is how you can know that your email is not from a scammer.

Deadlines and Unclaimed Payments

It’s crucial to act swiftly. The last date to claim digital payments is set for November 27, 2023. Post this date, any unclaimed digital amounts will be sent as paper checks within the following weeks.

In case you need to go over the breach again, here are other bits of information to help.

Capital One Settlement and Epiqpay: What is it About?

The Capital One data breach in 2019 was a wake-up call for many. As customers scramble to understand the implications of such a massive exposure of personal data, the aftershocks of the breach are still being felt. Today, there’s a beacon of hope for affected customers: a potential settlement.

But with the prevalence of online scams, how can one be sure this is not another ruse? This article aims to dispel doubts and provide clarity on the matter.

The Capital One Data Breach

In the latter part of 2019, the financial sector was abuzz with the news of a significant breach involving Capital One. This breach exposed the personal details of over 100 million customers, resulting in justifiable outrage and a class-action lawsuit against the banking giant.

The Settlement Agreement

After extensive deliberations, a settlement was reached, promising compensation to affected parties. Entrusted with this responsibility is Epiqpay, an entity chosen as the settlement administrator. But who is Epiqpay, and can they be trusted?

Who Is Epiqpay?

Epiqpay is a legitimate company with decades of experience in providing services for legal practitioners.

EpiqPay, as revealed by the official settlement website, is a recognized digital payment platform entrusted with disbursing class action settlement payments. Those eligible for these payments would have submitted valid claims by the set deadline, and the disbursement process started in September 2023. Their involvement in high-profile cases, such as the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal and Equifax Data Breach, speaks volumes about their credibility.

Verifying Epiq’s Legitimacy

Trust but verify, a timeless principle that should be applied when assessing the authenticity of the settlement email. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Ensure that Epiq’s website has a valid HTTPS certificate.
  • Engage with their customer support for firsthand assurance.
  • Understand the settlement terms in depth, such as eligibility criteria and claim deadlines.

Identifying Potential Red Flags

The digital era, while bringing convenience, also ushers in an age of sophisticated scams. Here are some signs that can hint at a potential scam:

  • Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the email.
  • Unsolicited requests for financial details.
  • Misleading domain names in email addresses.
  • Overly urgent tones forcing immediate action.

Authenticating a Potential Offer

If the offer sounds too good to be true, it’s always worth doing your homework:

  • Engage directly with Epiqpay via official channels.
  • Cross-reference details with credible news sources.
  • Check provided case docket numbers against official court rulings.
  • If in doubt, request a direct copy of the court order.

Additional Assistance Options

When faced with uncertainty, remember you’re not alone:

  • Communicate directly with Capital One for insights.
  • Seek counsel from specialized attorneys.
  • Report suspicious communications to the FTC.
  • Proactively place fraud alerts on your credit reports.
  • Regularly monitor all personal accounts for anomalies.


The road to reparation following the Capital One breach is paved with challenges, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With Epiq at the helm of the settlement process, customers can be assured of legitimacy. Still, a proactive approach, backed by the information and insights shared above, will be the best shield against potential scams and pitfalls.

Stay informed, remain vigilant, and trust in the process, and you’ll navigate these troubled waters with ease.


  • Capital One faced a major breach in 2019, impacting over 100 million customers.
  • A settlement agreement was reached, with Epiqpay appointed as the administrator.
  • Epiqpay’s legacy in handling high-profile cases confirms their credibility.
  • It’s essential to verify the legitimacy of communication regarding the settlement.
  • Keep an eye out for potential red flags that signal scams.
  • Use official channels and resources to authenticate any potential offers related to the settlement.
  • Multiple assistance options are available for those in doubt, including direct engagement with Capital One, legal counsel, and the FTC.
  • An informed and vigilant approach will ensure a smooth settlement process.

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