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University of Guelph Scholarships for international students 2024

University of Guelph Scholarships

University of Guelph Scholarships for international students 2024

Exploring Opportunities for International Students: University of Guelph Scholarships 2024

Embarking on your academic journey in Canada as an international student brings forth numerous opportunities, especially with the ongoing University of Guelph scholarships for the year 2024. Take a closer look at the array of scholarships available and determine which financial aid option is most applicable to your needs.

The University of Guelph extends a variety of financial aid programs for international students, encompassing scholarships, bursaries, and Work Study opportunities. In 2021 alone, the University granted $2.1 million to undergraduate international students and $4.9 million to graduate international students. This financial support is not limited to domestic students, as those paying Overseas Fees can also benefit from a range of scholarships. These scholarships may be Fully Funded or contribute toward tuition fee deductions, catering to both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.

Moreover, the University of Guelph scholarships for 2024 are renewable for the entire duration of your study. These awards are open to both Canadians and international students from all corners of the globe. Entrance awards are accessible to students applying for full-time programs at the University of Guelph, provided they have an unconditional offer of admission. The application process for University of Waterloo Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships 2024 is still ongoing.

About the University of Guelph, Canada: Established in 1964, the University offers a diverse range of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. Situated in Ontario Guelph, it stands as one of the premier public universities in Canada, with an acceptance rate for international students ranging between 70-80 percent. The university warmly welcomes students to various departments, fostering a rich academic environment.

Scholarship Details:

  • Country: Canada
  • Host: University of Guelph
  • Award Location: Canada
  • Study Level: Bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctoral
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Number of Scholarships: Unspecified
  • Gender: Males and Females
  • Target Group: Canadians & International Students

Eligibility Requirements for University of Guelph Scholarships for International Students 2024:

  • Admission Requirements: Applicants must meet all requirements (See more)
  • Language Requirements: Proof of Language Proficiency is Mandatory
  • For international applicant from another curriculum or country, please consult the Country Specific Admission Requirements.
  • Canadians and  International Students from all part of the world can apply.
  • Have not attended any post-secondary education either in Canada or other institutions outside Canada.
  • Must Possess Leadership Skills

List of Scholarships and Bursaries for the University of Guelph 2024


  1. Academic Leadership International Entrance Scholarships:
    • Up to 10 awards of $20,000 (payable over 4 years of study).
    • Application deadline: January 25th.
    • Apply online for the Franco J. Vaccarino President’s Scholarship.
  2. Atilola Real Estate Scholarship in Business:
    • One award of $1,000.
    • Open to Canadian or International Students.
    • Application by letter only.
  3. Arthur D. Latornell Undergraduate Travel Grants:
    • Minimum 4.0 credits with at least a 70% average.
    • Related to natural resources management, environmental science, conservation, soil science, and/or rural development.
  4. Angelo and Frank Agro Undergraduate Scholarship:
    • Full-time students entering semester 1.
    • Minimum 75% admission average and completion of a minimum of 10 – 4H projects.
  5. Academic Leadership Entrance Scholarships:
    • For students entering a degree program.
    • Application submitted to the President’s and Lincoln Alexander Chancellor’s scholarships.


  1. Alan Lyons Family Soils at Guelph Graduate Scholarship:
    • For students entering in Winter, Summer, or Fall of the award year.
    • MSc or Doctoral graduate program.
  2. Anna and Val Hovanec Scholarship:
    • For students entering a full-time Masters program offered by CSAHS.
    • Related to women in rural communities.
  3. Arrell Food Institute Scholarships:
    • $50,000/year for up to four years for Doctoral students, up to two years for Masters students.
  4. Art Rouse Memorial Scholarship in Veterinary and Comparative Cancer Studies:
    • For students with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.
    • Registered full-time in a PhD program offered by the Ontario Veterinary College.
  5. Barrett Family Graduate Scholarship:
    • For students entering a full-time doctoral program in the School of Engineering.
    • Minimum 80% admission average.

How to Apply: Interested applicants must first apply for admission to the University to qualify for any of the University of Guelph scholarships for international students in 2024. Some scholarships are awarded automatically, while others require separate application submissions. Application links are provided for the relevant opportunities.

Apply for Admission HERE


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