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Chevening Scholarships | How to Apply

Chevening application form.

Chevening UK Government Scholarship Information.

Datamart.com and the official Chevening website/application portal provide comprehensive details on the Chevening UK Government Scholarship to Study in the UK. This includes information about the online application portal, requirements, eligibility criteria, application guidelines, application deadline, online application process, closing date, and links to additional opportunities.

Chevening Scholarships Application Guidelines:

  1. It’s essential to note that the Chevening application is entirely free of charge.
  2. Avoid sending money to anyone claiming to facilitate this opportunity.
  3. Exercise caution to guard against fraudulent activities.
  4. Stay informed about the latest opportunities by subscribing to our notification list using your email.

About Chevening:

Applications for fully-funded Chevening Scholarships, offering one-year master’s degrees at UK universities, are currently open. Additionally, some Chevening Fellowships are available for applications.

Chevening is the UK Government’s global scholarship program, providing outstanding professionals worldwide with a unique opportunity to pursue a one-year master’s degree in any subject at a UK university. The UK hosts some of the world’s most diverse and prestigious universities.

Chevening fully funds scholarships, allowing recipients to concentrate on academic goals and enjoy a transformative experience. Scholars spend a year in the UK, developing professionally and academically, expanding networks, experiencing UK culture, and fostering positive relationships with the country.


Chevening Scholarships cover the following:

  • University tuition fees.
  • Monthly stipend.
  • Travel costs to and from the UK.
  • Arrival and homeward departure allowances.
  • Cost of one visa application.
  • Travel grant for attending Chevening events in the UK.

To qualify for a Chevening Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country or territory.
  • Commit to returning to their country of citizenship for a minimum of two years post-award.
  • Have completed all components of an undergraduate degree enabling entry to a UK postgraduate program.
  • Possess a minimum of two years (2,800 hours) of work experience.
  • Apply to three eligible UK university courses and secure an unconditional offer by July 14, 2022.
Work Experience Eligibility:

Applicants must meet the minimum two-year work experience requirement, which can include full-time employment, part-time employment, voluntary work, or paid/unpaid internships.


Applicants are ineligible if they:

  • Hold British or dual British citizenship.
  • Hold refugee status in a non-Chevening eligible country.
  • Are employed, former employees, or relatives of Her Majesty’s Government or Chevening Partner organizations.
  • Have previously studied in the UK with funding from a UK Government scholarship.

It is crucial to ensure eligibility before initiating the application process, as ineligible applications will be rejected.


Find helpful information about preparing your Chevening application, and then apply via your country/territory’s page. The deadline for applications is 2 November 2021 at 12:00 GMT (midday UK time)

Click here to apply.

For more information, visit Chevening.


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