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Liberty University Scholarships 2023/2024 For International Student

Liberty University Scholarships

Liberty University Scholarships 2023/2024 For International Student

Liberty University Scholarships aims to support online college students by providing a range of scholarships based on academic achievements and other merits. Each scholarship has specific criteria and deadlines, and it’s crucial to be mindful of these deadlines for a smooth application process. Explore the diverse scholarships available for online students below.

Liberty University Online (LUO) Scholarships

Canadian Student Discount:

  • Award: A 15% discount starting from Spring 2018 (in U.S. dollars) is extended to Canadian citizens enrolled in Liberty University Online courses.


  • Exclusively for Canadian citizens; for detailed information, please contact (800) 424-9595 to speak with an admissions specialist.
  • This award cannot be combined with the First Responder and Liberty Online Advantage Discounts.
Required Documentation

Students may submit a copy of their Canadian passport, birth certificate, or citizenship papers via email to luoscholarships@liberty.edu or via fax to (434) 582-2053.

Children of Fallen Heroes

Award: Maximum Pell Grant for the academic year

Eligibility: Must be a Pell Grant eligible student whose parent or guardian died in the line of duty while performing as a public safety officer while the student was 24 years of age or younger or enrolled at an institution of higher education at the time of his or her parent’s or guardian’s death. Email financialaid@liberty.edu to receive full documentation and eligibility details.

First Responders Discount

First Responders Discount:

  • Award: 25% tuition discount (students are responsible for books, materials, and the current technology fee per term).


  • Eligible students must be currently employed, have volunteered within the last five years, or be retired from a career in approved positions listed below.
    • Approved Positions:
      • 911 Emergency Dispatcher (certificate required)
      • Border Patrol Officer
      • Campus Emergency Responder
      • Campus Police
      • Civil Air Patrol (Senior Member)
      • Community Supervision Officer
      • Corrections Officer
      • Criminal Investigator
      • Department of Homeland Security
      • Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT)
      • EMS/EMT worker (license required)
      • FEMA volunteer
      • Firefighter
      • Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) members
      • Game Warden
      • LifeFlight personnel
      • Maritime Officer
      • Medevac (fixed wing/helicopter pilot, ambulance, maritime)
      • Paramedic
      • Park Ranger
      • Parole Officer
      • Police/Peace Officer
      • Search and Rescue Worker (license required)
      • Security Officer for Public Safety
      • Special Agent
      • State Trooper
      • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents
      • United States Security Personnel field agent (example: FBI, CIA, DHS, DEA)
      • S. Marshal
    • Administrative/non-field/chaplaincy positions are not eligible for the First Responders Discount.
    • Must be a U.S. citizen, eligible non-citizen, or Canadian citizen. This award is not stackable with the Canadian Student Discount.
    • Military students whose MOS is Military Police Officer may qualify for the military tuition discount but cannot receive the First Responders Discount for their military police service. Military students who serve in an emergency response role as a civilian may qualify for both discounts. Students anticipating using the First Responders Discount with military benefits must contact the Office of Military Affairs.
    • For inquiries about this award, email luoadmissions@liberty.edu.
    • Students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program to be eligible for the First Responder Discount. Applicants for certificate programs or non-degree-seeking students will not be eligible.
  • Students must provide proof of employment or volunteer status through a letter from the employer or volunteer agency on letterhead or a legible copy of the position identification card to luofirstresponders@liberty.edu. Additional documentation may be requested as needed. If the student remains enrolled beyond the initial approval period, Liberty University may request updated documentation to confirm continued eligibility.
  • Include student ID numbers and mention scholarships in all communications.

Heroes Fund Scholarship:

  • Award: The Heroes Fund Scholarship (HFS) is provided to service members and honorably discharged Gulf War veterans (1990 to present day, including Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and OEF/OIF) pursuing their first certificate, associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. Approved students receive an amount covering remaining tuition and fees after deducting financial aid and military aid from the total.


  • Qualify for the scholarship if:
    • A recipient of the prestigious Purple Heart, or
    • Rated 50-100% disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs for “combat-related” Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or
    • Rated 50-100% disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs for “combat-related” injury, illness, or condition, or
    • A spouse was killed in action during one of the Gulf Wars.
  • Students applying for the Heroes Fund Scholarship must submit the required documentation listed on the Heroes Fund Scholarship: Application Process web page. A complete application includes all general document requirements, qualifying documents, and any additional supporting documents deemed necessary.

International Mission Board (IMB):

  • Liberty University must receive a letter from IMB verifying the student’s current status. The student must contact IMB for the letter. IMB personnel should reach out to the appropriate team in the IMB Personnel Services Center for the letter.
  • Award: 100% of tuition (students must pay the $50 administrative fee per term).


  • This scholarship is granted to graduate students at Liberty University Online pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) degree and holding journeyman status with the International Mission Board (IMB).
  • For inquiries about this scholarship, contact luoadmissions@liberty.edu.
  • Students must submit a fax or send a letter from the IMB to their academic advisor or admissions specialist, including the student ID number and the title “ATTN: Scholarships” in all communications.

Fax: (434) 582-7586

Email: luouscholarships@liberty.edu

Address: Liberty University Online 1971 University Boulevard Lynchburg, VA 24515




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