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How to Check Capitec Balance Without the App


How to Check Capitec Balance Without the App

Capitec Bank has revolutionized the way you access your account balance, offering a multitude of options tailored to your convenience. Whether you’re tech-savvy or prefer traditional methods, here’s a detailed guide on checking your Capitec balance without using the app.


In recent years, Capitec Bank has emerged as a customer favorite, becoming South Africa’s largest bank in terms of customer base. If you’re one of the many attracted by Capitec’s friendly banking terms and are eager to check your account balance, you’ve come to the right place.

4 Methods to Check Capitec Balance

1. Mobile App

Capitec’s mobile app provides a seamless way to monitor your balance. Simply follow these steps:

  • Sign into the Capitec app on your device.
  • Click on Savings Account.
  • Instantly view your available bank balances and recent transactions.

2. USSD Cellphone Banking

No app? No problem! You can still check your balance using USSD codes. Here’s how:

  • Dial *120*3279# on your phone.
  • Choose Bal Enquiry (option 2).
  • Select the account you want to check.
  • Confirm with your mobile PIN.
  • Your balance will be displayed on the screen.

3. ATM

For those who prefer the traditional route, visit an ATM:

  • Insert your card and enter your PIN.
  • Opt for Available Balance or Balance Enquiry.
  • Your balance will be shown on the screen.

4. Internet Banking

Tech-savvy users can check their balance online:

  • Open a browser and sign in to the internet banking portal.
  • Click on your account number.
  • Witness your available balance without hassle.

How to Check Capitec Balance Using the App

  1. Choose Save.
  2. Enter your secret Remote PIN.
  3. View all your available account balances.

USSD Top-Up Option

Running low on airtime? Dial 1303279# to top up your cellphone without leaving the USSD platform.

How to Check Capitec Balance at the ATM

  • Enter your PIN.
  • Select Available Balance or Balance Enquiry.
  • Instantly see your available balance.

How to Check Capitec Balance Without App

To check your balance without the app, dial *120*3279# and select option 2. It’s that simple!


Capitec Bank offers a myriad of hassle-free methods to check your account balance, ensuring you stay informed without the need for airtime. Whether you prefer the Capitec Banking app, USSD service, or the traditional ATM visit, managing your finances has never been more convenient.


How do I check my Capitec balance without the app?

Dial *120*3279# and select option 2 for a quick and easy balance check.

How can I check my Capitec bank balance without the app?

Capitec offers multiple options, including USSD codes and ATMs, providing convenient ways to check your balance without the app.

Can I access my Capitec account online without the app?

Absolutely! Use Capitec’s internet banking portal to access and view your account balance seamlessly.

How do I activate Capitec cellphone banking?

To activate Capitec cellphone banking, visit a branch or contact Capitec’s customer service for personalized assistance.

What makes Capitec Bank the ideal choice for hassle-free banking?

Capitec’s user-friendly approach, innovative banking methods, and the zero-rated banking app make it the ideal choice for hassle-free and efficient banking experiences.


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