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Full List of Capitec Bank Branches in Johannesburg


South Africa’s financial heart, Johannesburg, boasts a network of Capitec Bank branches designed to make your banking experience seamless and accessible. Let’s explore the various branches scattered across the city:

  1. Capitec Bank Bedfordview Park Meadows Branch
    • Located at Shop 11 Park Meadows Centre, 0 Allum Road, Johannesburg.
    • Open during standard banking hours.
    • Offers a range of financial services.
  2. Capitec Bank Centurion Lifestyle Centre Branch
    • Find it at Shop F2, Centurion Lifestyle Centre 80 Old Johannesburg Road.
    • Operating hours tailored for your convenience.
    • Explore personalized banking solutions.
  3. Capitec Bank Cosmo City Mall Branch
    • Situated at Shop 46 Cosmo City Mall, Dennilton South Africa Drive.
    • Check for any ongoing promotions or exclusive deals.
    • Easily accessible to the Cosmo City community.
  4. Capitec Bank Hillbrow Elkam Branch
    • Visit Shop 1 Elkam Building, 37 Pretoria Street.
    • Discover unique services catered to the Hillbrow community.
    • Engage in community events hosted by the branch.
  5. Capitec Bank Balfour 133 Branch
    • Conveniently located at Shop 133 Balfour Park Shopping Centre, 125 Athol Street.
    • Uncover customer testimonials and reviews.
    • Explore exclusive offerings at this branch.
  6. Capitec Bank Braamfontein Branch
    • Find it at Devonshire House, 49 Jorissen Street.
    • Learn about the historical significance of this branch.
    • Ensure easy accessibility for all customers.
  7. Capitec Bank Bramley Branch
    • Located at 587 Louis Botha Avenue.
    • Discover special promotions or benefits.
    • Explore the range of services available.
  8. Capitec Bank Bree Branch
    • Situated at 202 Bree Street, Esikhaleni.
    • Engage with local businesses through partnerships.
    • Experience a unique atmosphere in this branch.
  9. Capitec Bank Brixton Branch
    • Discover it at Shop 48, 49, and 50 Protea Shopping Centre Brixton, 57 St Albans Avenue.
    • Engage in community initiatives led by the branch.
    • Explore technological advancements in banking.
  10. Capitec Bank Campus Square Branch
    • Visit Shop 58 Campus Square, 29 Kingsway Avenue.
    • Stay updated on upcoming events or promotions.
    • Learn about exclusive services offered.
  11. Capitec Bank Carlton Centre Branch
    • Find it at Shop 139A and 140 Carlton Centre, 150 Commissioner Street.
    • Dive into the historical context of this iconic branch.
    • Discover services tailored for the Carlton Centre community.
  12. Capitec Bank Columbine Square Branch
    • Situated at Shop 11 Columbine Square, 88 Swartgoud Street.
    • Explore unique offerings at this location.
    • Gain insights from customer testimonials.
  13. Capitec Bank Cresta Branch
    • Conveniently located at Cresta Corner Centre Cresta, Erf259 Pendoring Road.
    • Check for any eco-friendly initiatives.
    • Engage in community events organized by the branch.
  14. Capitec Bank Eloff Branch
    • Find it at Shop 3 Diamond Corner Building, 68 Eloff Street.
    • Ensure easy accessibility for all customers.
    • Explore special services or benefits.
  15. How to Get a Capitec Bank Confirmation Letter
    • Follow this step-by-step guide to obtain a confirmation letter from Capitec Bank.
  16. Capitec Bank Fox Branch
    • Located at Shop 12, 13, and 14 Ground Floor Colosseum, 41 Kruis Street.
    • Stay informed about any technological innovations.
    • Explore the ground-floor branch’s unique features.
  17. Capitec Bank Eldorado Ghandi Square Branch
    • Situated at Shop 2, 5, and 6 Marshalltown Ghandi Square, 15 New South Street.
    • Learn about the branch’s involvement in community support.
    • Engage with initiatives supporting the local area.
  18. Capitec Bank Harrison Branch
    • Find it at Shop 1 Ground Floor, 28 Harrison Street.
    • Discover any awards or recognitions received by the branch.
    • Explore services tailored for the Harrison Street community.
  19. Capitec Bank Industria Branch
    • Located at Stand 35 Industria, 31 Maraisburg Road.
    • Connect with local businesses through links provided by the branch.
    • Explore the branch’s contributions to the local community.
  20. Capitec Bank Kerk Branch
    • Visit Shop 6B Edgars City, 31 Kerk Street.
    • Explore customer satisfaction statistics.
    • Learn about any unique services provided by this branch.
  21. Capitec Bank Malvern Branch
    • Situated at Shop 1, 2 Absa Building, 583 Jules Street.
    • Discover accessibility features for differently-abled customers.
    • Explore any ongoing collaborations with local organizations.
  22. Capitec Bank Market Branch
    • Located at 101 Market Street.
    • Engage in financial literacy initiatives organized by the branch.
    • Stay updated on any market-related services.
  23. Capitec Bank Morning Glen
    • Find it at Gallow Manor, 9 Bowling Street.
    • Explore financial education programs for customers.
    • Stay informed about any unique features at this branch.
  24. Capitec Bank Newtown Branch
    • Discover it at Shop 109 Newtown Quarter, Miriam Makeba Street.
    • Engage in cultural events or collaborations with local artists.
    • Explore services tailored for the Newtown community.
  25. Capitec Bank Norwood Branch
    • Conveniently located at Shop 4 Norwood Mall Norwood, 3 Sarie Marais Road.
    • Learn about environmental sustainability efforts by the branch.
    • Explore services designed for the Norwood community.
  26. Capitec Bank Plein Branch
    • Find it at Shop 2 Education Centre, 25 Plein Street.
    • Explore support for local education initiatives.
    • Learn about the branch’s role in community education.
  27. Capitec Bank Pritchard Branch
    • Situated at 90 to 98 Pritchard Street, Shop 20 Schreiner Chambers.
    • Discover any unique security measures implemented by the branch.
    • Explore tech-friendly services or apps available.
  28. Capitec Bank Rissik Branch
    • Find it at 80 B, 80 Rissik Street.
    • Stay informed about any technological advancements.
    • Explore the branch’s role in fostering a tech-friendly environment.
  29. Capitec Bank Rosettenville Branch
    • Located at Rosettenville, 214 Mable Road.
    • Learn about local community engagement initiatives.
    • Explore services designed for the Rosettenville community.
  30. Capitec Bank Station West Branch
    • Situated at Shop E9 Eastern Concourse, Dalpark Brakpan, 2 Rissik Street.
    • Discover any collaborations with local businesses.
    • Explore the branch’s role in enhancing the local economy.
  31. Capitec Bank The Glen Branch
    • Find it at Shop M45 The Glen Shopping Centre Oakdene, Orphen Road.
    • Explore interactive customer support options.
    • Stay updated on any unique features at this branch.


Discover the unparalleled convenience of banking with Capitec in Johannesburg. With an extensive network of branches, each offering unique services and community engagement, Capitec Bank ensures that your banking experience is not just transactional but a seamless part of your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many branches does Capitec have in South Africa?

Capitec Bank has a widespread presence in South Africa with numerous branches across the country, providing convenient banking services to communities.

What is the branch code for Capitec Bank near Johannesburg?

The branch code for a specific Capitec Bank branch near Johannesburg can be obtained by contacting the bank directly or checking the official Capitec Bank website.

Where is Capitec Bank located?

Capitec Bank has branches located throughout Johannesburg, catering to various neighborhoods. Refer to the article for specific branch locations and details.

Is Capitec an international bank?

Capitec Bank primarily operates within South Africa and is known for its focus on providing accessible and efficient banking services to the local population.


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