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Embassy of France in Accra Scholarship 2024/2025

Embassy of France

Embassy of France in Accra Scholarship 2024/2025

Embassy of France in Accra Scholarship 2024/2025 Application Guide

Are you interested in applying for the Embassy of France in Accra Scholarship for the academic year 2024/2025? If so, this comprehensive article provides essential details about the scholarship, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

As part of the collaborative efforts in academic cooperation and student exchange between France and Ghana, the French Embassy in Ghana, in collaboration with the Scholarships Secretariat, is offering full scholarships to Ghanaian students pursuing Master’s and Ph.D. programs based on merit and financial need.

Eligibility Criteria in The Embassy of France in Accra Scholarship:

  • Applicants must hold Ghanaian nationality.
  • Age limits: 35 years for Master’s degree applicants; 40 years for joint Ph.D. applications and 45 years for individual ScholSec Ph.D. applications.
  • Academic qualifications: Bachelor’s degree for Master’s applicants; 2 years Master’s degree or MPhil degree for Ph.D. applicants.
  • Fields of study: French as a Foreign Language, STEM, Health, Environment and Sustainable Development, Tourism, Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Agriculture, and Food Industry.
  • Priority consideration for First Class or Second Class Upper degree holders.
  • Proficiency in French is not mandatory, except for French as a Foreign Language.
  • Preferably 2 years of post-qualification experience for Ph.D. applicants.
  • Completion of National Service.

Application Process:

Applicants are required to submit a comprehensive application file, including the following documents:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Cover letter (1-page maximum) outlining the student’s motivation and highlighting how the chosen course aligns with career development.
  • Reference letter from the applicant’s University.
  • Academic file: Copies of complete academic transcripts and degrees.
  • Proof of registration or pre-registration with a French university for a Master’s or Ph.D. program.
  • For Ph.D. applicants, include your research topic and an acceptance letter from your Ph.D. supervisor in France.
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Documents detailing the financial situation of the applicant, such as scholarship certificates, pay slips, or bank statements of students or parents.

Applicants are encouraged to carefully compile their application files and ensure that all necessary documents are included. The submission of a well-prepared and thorough application will enhance the chances of successful scholarship consideration.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are ready to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. program with the support of the Embassy of France in Accra Scholarship, follow the outlined steps in the application guide for a comprehensive and successful submission.

IMPORTANT! The Embassy of France in Accra Scholarship Application Form 2024 is not yet out online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across. This page will be updated immediately after the form is out.


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