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Bournemouth University Sport Scholarship 2024/2025

Bournemouth University Sport Scholarship

Bournemouth University Sport Scholarship 2024/2025 | How to Apply

International students aspiring to pursue their degree in the UK are encouraged to apply for the Bournemouth University Sport Scholarship before the application deadline in 2024. This scholarship is available for the academic session of 2024.

Bournemouth University Sport Scholarship Application Details: The application deadline for the Bournemouth University Sport Scholarship is specified in the application form.

Bournemouth University (BU) is a modern institution located in the UK, committed to fostering innovative and adaptable graduates capable of thriving in their chosen careers. The university collaborates with industry experts to develop a curriculum that equips students with the sought-after skills and knowledge desired by employers.

BU offers a diverse range of exciting career paths for international students, spanning areas such as Computer Animation and Visual Effects, Media Production and Communication, Forensics and Archaeology, Sports and Events Management, History, International Business and Management, Politics and Social Studies, among other captivating fields of study.

Research plays a crucial role at BU, with students actively contributing to finding practical solutions to real-life challenges. The Sports Scholarship program is one such initiative designed to financially support exceptional athletes pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies, aiding in their athletic development.

Scholarship Description:

  • BU offers the Sports Scholarship program to outstanding athletes, providing financial support of up to £5,000. This funding can be utilized for coaching, equipment, competition entry fees, travel expenses, and/or support services related to athletic development.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to meet with the Sports Performance Manager to plan the utilization of funds, commit to attending a minimum of 75% of training sessions, represent BU in sporting competitions, and agree to feature in marketing materials.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • To qualify for the Sport Scholarship, applicants must demonstrate exceptional performance in their chosen sport and be part of a Regional, National, and/or International squad competing at that level.
  • Ideally, recipients should represent BU in the BUCS program and demonstrate competitiveness at regional, national, or international levels. Individual athletes must show the capability to excel among the top performers in the BUCS program.
  • Applicants must provide a reference from a High-Performance Coach or a National Governing Body coach. If the sport is not included in the BUCS program, two references are required to support scholarship eligibility.

Scholarship Deadline:

The Sports Scholarship is available for courses starting in September 2024 and January 2024. Scholarship applications for courses commencing in September must be submitted by 31 August, while those beginning in January should be submitted by 30 November.

How to Apply for Bournemouth University Sport Scholarship: For the application form and additional information about the Bournemouth University Sport Scholarship program, visit the official website of Bournemouth University Sport Scholarships.

Official website:

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