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TUT Application Status and It Different Meaning 2024/2025


TUT Application Status and It Different Meaning 2024/2025

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) first-year applicants often encounter challenges in understanding the messages conveyed by their application status. In this article, we will elucidate various TUT application status messages and their respective meanings.

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TUT Application Status and Its Different Meaning

What information is conveyed by your Tshwane University of Technology status? Below are the potential messages we\’ve compiled along with their explanations.

  • TUT Application Status – www.tut.ac.za
  • \”NO FURTHER CAN BE CONSIDERED\” – Indicates that your application is under review. An interview may be requested if your qualifications align with the position.
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  • \”UNCONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED\” – Signifies that you have been accepted without any conditions such as interviews, selection tests, or additional assignments. You can register during the Jan-Feb registration window.
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  • \”CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE\” – You are accepted, but there may be other conditions hindering or preventing your registration in Jan-Feb windows, such as pending Grade 12 results or outstanding documents.
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  • \”IN PROCESS\” – Your application has been captured and processed but awaits a final status. Registration under normal rules is not possible until approval. It is advisable to wait until processing is complete.
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  • \”UNSUCCESSFUL\” – Regrettably, you cannot register. Consider processing your second choice. If that fails, submitting a Re-Admission Application for a different course with a lower APS may be an option.
  • Email: General@tut.ac.za for a copy, or download it online at www.tut.ac.za
  • \”COURSE FULL\” – Indicates that your chosen course is full, and enrollment is not possible at the moment. Consider your second option. If both fail, applying through Re-Admission for the next intake is an alternative.
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  • \”ADMISSION WITH NO STATUS\” – Your application has been captured but not processed. Wait for the final status; normal registration rules do not apply until approval.
  • \”COURSE OMITTED\” – Your application has been captured, but you omitted required documents. Submit missing documents via fax or post.
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  • \”INTERVIEW / SELECTION TEST\” – Implies an assignment is pending before approval or denial. Contact the department or admissions office to arrange a suitable time.
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  • \”ID NOT FOUND ON SYSTEM\” – If you submitted a hard copy, it might not be captured. Call the admission office for clarification. If accepted, you can be considered for a second option.
  • Tshwane University of Technology School of Nursing Contact Details
    • Contact Centre: 082 110 2421
    • Switchboard: 086 110 24 22
    • Main Tel.: 012 382 5911
    • Fax: 012 382 5114
    • Email for General Enquiries: general@tut.ac.za
    • Address: Private BagX680, Pretoria0001, Staatsartillerie Road, Pretoria West
    • Website: tut.ac.za