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Postgraduate Studies at WSoE


Postgraduate Studies at WSoE

The Postgraduate studies at Wits School of Education (WSoE) offers one of the most exceptional postgraduate education programs in South Africa. Join a vibrant community of local and international scholars dedicated to research and academic excellence. Experience top-notch instruction and guidance from our esteemed faculty, coupled with extensive support services. Enrich your academic journey and contribute to the advancement of research in Africa and worldwide as part of the upcoming generation of scholars

Postgraduate Studies at WSoE

We encourage all prospective postgraduate students and those currently enrolled to apply for postgraduate merit awards. These awards cover tuition fees and provide a modest stipend. Applicants are not required to be admitted before applying for this financial support and are advised to submit their funding application concurrently with their program application. For detailed information, including closing dates, please refer to the Fees and funding website

.The WSOE is:

  • A leading institution in research and education across Africa;
  • Situated in the vibrant heart of Johannesburg, the economic and cultural hub of South Africa, and the continent\’s most cosmopolitan city;
  • Recently recognized as the most conducive institutional environment for educational research in Africa.

The WSOE provides postgraduate research degrees in key areas, encompassing:

  • Curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment
  • Educational leadership and policy studies
  • Science and Mathematics Education
  • Languages and Literacy Education
  • Higher Education
  • Disciplinary Studies in Education
  • Inclusive Education
  • Deaf Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Education and the labor market
  • Rural Education

With a highly qualified faculty, a history of effective supervision, and a legacy of exceptional graduates, the WSOE offers robust support for both its research and postgraduate students.