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How to Register at University of Cape Town

How to Register at University of Cape Town

How to Register at University of Cape Town

The registration procedure at the University of Cape Town (UCT) varies depending on whether you are a new student or a returning one, as well as whether you are enrolling in an undergraduate or postgraduate program.

For New Students at UCT:

  • Undergraduate: Upon successful application, you will receive an offer letter containing instructions on how to proceed with registration. After accepting the offer, access your PeopleSoft student account to complete online registration, including selecting courses. Here’s the link for online registration: UCT Undergraduate Registration
  • Postgraduate: Registration is necessary to become an official UCT postgraduate student. Instructions for online registration and course enrollment will be provided upon acceptance. The Postgraduate Registration Portal can be found here: UCT Postgraduate Registration Portal

For Returning Students at UCT: Returning students typically register online through their PeopleSoft accounts within specified periods. Each faculty follows a distinct registration process with varying deadlines. Refer to your faculty’s website for specific registration dates and guidelines. You can find this information here: UCT Faculty Websites

Important Reminders:

  • Deadlines are crucial, so ensure you keep track of important dates and submit your registrations well in advance.
  • Consult your department or faculty website for details regarding acceptance procedures and any program-specific requirements.



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